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Murders of Consequence

Emily is a 23-year-old trainee journalist on a local newspaper. She is keen to learn the trade, but events beyond her control suddenly sweep her into an investigation that will put her life at risk.

She needs to find out what happened to a soldier who had gone missing on his way home from the Second World War and the identities of two bodies washed up on a beach in Norfolk 14 years apart. She has plenty of suspects, but no clear evidence of anyone's guilt.

She teams up with another young journalist and together they search for answers and at the same time find romance together. Set in the City of Peterborough in the UK, the story takes us to the remote and mysterious fen-lands and to the bleak, but beautiful Norfolk coast.

This is the first book in a trilogy featuring the young investigative journalists Emily Miller and Steve Moon.

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Murders of Necessity

Set in the 1960s, this is a story of obsession, danger, and cold-blooded murder. International crime comes to a quiet Norfolk town and meets with revenge from war-torn Berlin.

This fast moving, suspense-filled thriller, takes us from London to the remote North Norfolk coast. Two young investigative journalists , Emily Miller and Steve Moon, are asked to look into a sudden rise in high-end antique jewellery thefts. They find themselves drawn into a complex and sophisticated story of international crime.

The trail leads them from London to the elegant Victorian town of Cromer, as they gradually begin to understand the structure of the syndicate. The murder of an antiques dealer triggers a series of events that draw Emily and Steve closer to the centre of the organisation and they then realise its ruthlessness in dealing with anyone who gets in its way.

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Murders of Misfortune

The gripping story of a lost a daughter and a ring of depravity, blackmail and murder.
Murders of Misfortune tells the story of a troubled girl, from a wealthy family, who becomes estranged from her parents and goes to live in 1960’s London. She is soon caught up with a wild set of celebrity party-goers in the drug-driven, anything goes atmosphere that was the swinging sixties.
Up and coming young stars of music, film, theatre and fashion, together with the off-springs of millionaires, politicians and royalty, create a high-octane, free-wheeling setting for this story of misadventure and murder.
Two up and coming young investigative journalists, Emily and Steve Moon, set out to find what has happened to the lost girl and find themselves caught up in a conspiracy of lies, blackmail and deception. They are also under the spell of the atmosphere in London at that time but are determined to find out what has happened to the missing girl.
They follow a trail from London to Paris and then on to St Tropez.

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Where to buy

The eBook version of both available titles can be purchased from Amazon Kindle at a cost of £1.99, or you can read it free of charge on Kindle Unlimited.

Paperback versions are available from Amazon Books at a cost of £5.99 for Murders of Consequence and £6,25 for Murders of Necessity.

Sample chapters are also available for both eBooks.

More about my new book

I will keep you posted on its progress on my blog, Facebook and my authors page on Amazon. In the meantime here is a picture of one of its settings - St Tropez in the South of France.