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With my first two Novels now on sale at Amazon, I thought it was time to start a dialogue with readers, other authors and anyone else who has something to say.

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  1. My second novel, Murders of Necessity, is now available at Amazon Kindle in eBook form and at Amazon Books as a paperback. Set in the 1960s, this is a story of obsession, danger, and cold-blooded murder.

  2. After a month of waiting I got a review from the UK for my new book – Murders of Necessity. I had one from the USA a week ago. Thanks for those, I can’t tell you how happy they make me.

  3. I am sure you know that getting reviews for new writers is like panning for gold. You wait and look and wait again, and after a few weeks you find a single nugget and it all seems worthwhile.

  4. Excellent performance from Watford FC against Newcastle on Saturday, but entirely different kettle of fish with Man U tomorrow night. I’d settle for a good performance, but you never know…

  5. Do you remember the days when you had to go down to the library, take twenty minutes to figure out the filing system, get in the queue to talk to an assistant because you still couldn’t find what you wanted and then be told that it is temporarily unavailable because they were being moved to a different area. Now you can google almost everything in seconds. Ah, the good old days!

  6. Watford not having any luck with referees at the moment. Two good penalty shouts against Spurs and now a very soft sending off against Burnley today. I won’t mention the two dodgy offside decisions that went our way.

  7. All the books I have written so far have been set in the 1960’s. Most people look upon this decade as one of self-indulgence, drug abuse and excesses of every kind. I prefer to see it as a time when young people rebelled against the establishment which was always so keen to tell the population how they should lead their lives.

  8. Remembering the 60s: The ‘60’s was also a time of opportunity for working class young people to break through into areas of work that were previously open to the higher layers of society. Young men and women were breaking through in fashion, music, theatre and the arts, and even in everyday business, smart young people were taking the opportunities that were suddenly presenting themselves.

  9. Spent the day working on Marketing for my book Murders of Necessity and the soon to be launched new book Murders of Misfortune. It’s just like being back at work again, as if fifty years of Marketing, PR and Copywriting wasn’t enough.

  10. When the snow falls its time to get a good book to read.
    On Saturday, March 3rd, for one day only, you can download my book Murders of Necessity in eBook format free of charge.
    Go to Amazon Books and search for Murders of Necessity to get your free copy.

  11. Many thanks to those people who take the time to leave book reviews. These are the real book lovers and without them, other readers and writers would a have very difficult time.

  12. Free book promotion: There is a book promotion for my new novel Murders of Misfortune on Saturday 31st March and Sunday 1st April. Search for it on Amazon Kindle and download the book free of charge. Get it, read it and, if you enjoy it, why not leave a review?

  13. My new book, Murders of Misfortune, has investigative journalists Emily and Steve Moon driving down to St Tropez in a little red Triumph Spitfire. The inspiration for this was a journey that Sheilah and I made when we drove down to the South of France during the 1960’s, which is when my book is set. For us it was an exciting adventure; plotting the journey, navigating the route and finding hotels on the way.

  14. What a reviewer said about Murders of Misfortune, my latest book.

    “Excellent read I was gripped from the first page, can`t wait for the next one, surely should be on the best sellers list.”

  15. This coming Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th you can get an ebook copy of my second book ‘Murders of Necessity’ free of charge. I would love you to get the book and then and then let me know if you liked it by leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads (or both).
    This is what a reader said about the book:
    “A very good read. There is something happening on every page, I really got caught up with the story and, at times, had a job to put the book down.” Veronica Clark.

  16. Most of my adult working life was spent writing copy to sell other peoples products and services. Now I have to spend more time than I would like writing copy to sell my books. Why is it so much more difficult to write about other people, than it is to write about myself?

  17. Had a problem with a bit of malware infection that had crept onto my website and people trying to locate it on a tablet were being re-directed to a very adult website. Thanks to the good people at GoDaddy all the nasties have been cleaned out and everything is as it should be.

  18. Does anyone remember Jackie magazine? It was a D. C. Thompson publication for teenage girls and it was the first magazine to publish my short stories. Over the next few years, I had many published, but I only have a few that are in good enough condition to photograph. I was also asked to write strip cartoons for Jackie. I wrote the script and storyline, and their team of great illustrators brought them to life. Then other things in life took over and it was only last year that I began to write novels. My fourth mystery thriller book is due to be published towards the end of August. To see pictures of the artwork go to my Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/iand.wright.7564

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