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Publishing - the new way

Over the past few years modern technology has opened the way for many authors to realise their dream of  publishing a novel. The ebook has encouraged many new authors, and thousands more readers, to discover the pleasure of writing and reading as an entertainment.

It enables people to choose from a vast collection of books and to be able to buy or borrow titles at the click of a button. It also brings the cost of reading down considerably and the ability to search for your favorite titles and authors without leaving your armchair.

At the same time, publishers like Amazon, enable the ebook to be produced in paperback format and delivered to your house in a couple of days.

Ian D Wright

After a lifetime of working in PR and Market Communications, I reached retirement and came to the inevitable question, ‘What to do next?’ I had spent my working life writing articles for business publications, copy for advertisements, brochures, video scripts. My wife, Sheilah, and I are both avid readers and during my younger years I also wrote short stories for magazines. With time on my hands I thought of writing a novel, and with encouragement from my family, I have now completed and published Murders of Consequence. I am about a month away from completing my second novel.

I also love music, particularly jazz. When I was young I played sax in a rock/blues band and, more recently, Sheilah and I formed a Jazz duo to raise money for charity.


Ian D Wright

We both enjoy travel and have driven to many places in Europe including Paris, Rome, Berlin, Munich, and Amsterdam. I enjoy watching cricket and football. Our son Ben and I have been season ticket holders at Watford FC for many years.

I have lived all my life in and around Peterborough and love the fens and North Norfolk coast, so inevitably it is where my first two books are set.


Sheilah Wright

My wife Sheilah acts as publisher, editor, proof reader and also gives me support and encouragement. She has a wide business knowledge, which includes secretarial experience at board level, owner of two successful gift shops and was a Building Society manager for many years. She is a creative cook and loves entertaining, with prolonged wine tasting!